2021 Nova & ?

Nova has anchestors with liver, red, black solid and roans. She might also carry particolour from both sides and tan. This can only be known by DNA test OR mating with the right male.

I have thoughts about following Male(s) for her as of now and with reservation: Line Sam Xellent Ture. Line Sam Gaze for Hughs Gandalf, Line Sam Zmasing Zvante or my own males Westerner Party voice or Royalcox Dream of Me Aramis.

Mostly I would like to know what she can leave in a litter. 

2021 Vicky & Charlie

Exprected colours: Roan in brown and black with or withour tan, particolour in black and brown with or without tan. Would be very suprised if this litter would give red but one can only hope. 

Charlie has also sable and red in his pedigree in 3:rd generation.

Vicky has red in her pedigree in 3:rd generation but no sable.