2021 Nova & Line Sam Zmashing Zvante exp puppies apprx 23/8

Nova is black and has anchestors with brown, red, black, sable, particolor & tans & roans. What she gives can of course be DNA tested but I prefer to find out with choosen males since I probably will keep something after her.

With reservations.

Mostly I would like to know what she can leave in a litter. 
Nova started her heat as of 15th of June -21. To be updated

Update: Nova and Zvante had a succesful love meeting as of June 28th. We hope for puppies around 23 of August.

2021 Lexie & Aramis

Lexie is brown sable and can carry particolor and tan also solid color in red, brown and black and roan colors. 

Aramis can give particolor with brown and black and tan. 

Lexie was in heat in January 2021 and I am waiting for her next heat.

The litter can have solid colors with fragments of withe, with or without tan, particolor with or without tand and sable in various colors and roans.
I will keep 2 girls for my kennel, 1 at home and 1 in caregivinghome - "fodervärd". 

Rosie & Trismatos Pina colada ”Harry”

Rosie is brownroan & tan, Harry is light almost ticked blueroan. 

Harry lives in Norway but if this works out with mating we are expecting roans in brown, blue with or without tan, maybe also parti clear color in blue maybe brown. 
I will keep 2 girls - 1 at home and 1 at caregiver -"fodervärd". 

2021-2022 Vicky & Joker

Vicky is particolor white & black and most likely carries tan. I would like to mate her with Sundews Twilight - Joker after famous Ashwind Ivy League. He lives at Björn Ericson''s kennel Rosinedal.  Joker has left particolor in white & brown and many of other colors  and good progenity from his father at different kennels. Joker is blueroan. I expect roans in blue and brown, particolor in blu and brown maybe with tan. 5 of Jokers children have gotten excellent and more at exhibitions.