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Present Puppies - no present Puppies - please visit plans 2021. Nova is mated 28th of June and will hopefully carry puppies to around 23 rd of August. The other is Lexie or Rosie that I hope will come into heat around July/August 2021. One of them will be mated. 

Update June 22trd 2021, referrals to kennel Rosinedal where most of my lines comes from.

Puppies born at Rosinedal kennel. From my own breeded girl Royalcox whispered Mi Lady togheter with Retzinas shining Armor,  at kennel 2021- 8th of June. Please visit Björn Ericsons webpage contact to send request or


I always refer to other kennels if I dont have anything to offer right away and only to kennels from where my dogs are from Or connected with in one litter. For your choice and time in life. 

When you send me a message please write a little about your household, where in the world you live, how you spend your life and how you live, other animals in your family, if you want to breed, if you want to show your dog or only for company, things you are interested in that you want your dog to be involved with. Im happy to hear everything of importance and I can help you choose the right dog for you. During pandemic I will provide pictures and videos of puppies on my FB page.

Take care and be safe in these times. / Johanna @ Royalcox